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Catching Fugitives Cyber-Style


Catching Global Criminals graphicCASE IN POINT #1. A Norfolk, Virginia, couple —wanted for scamming religious investors around the globe out of some $30 million—thought they could evade justice by fleeing the country.


On November 29, they were arrested at a railway station in Shropshire, England, by detectives from Scotland Yard, with the help of the local police constabulary.

Turns out, a British citizen saw the couple's wanted posters on our Most Wanted web site and contacted Scotland Yard after spotting the fugitives in the company of an elderly woman (who was the Norfolk man's mother). That was the tip authorities needed to track the pair down.

CASE IN POINT #2. A man wanted for sexually assaulting a child in Sparks, Nevada thought he could hide across the border in Mexico.


In December, he was arrested in Puerto Vallarta after someone recognized him from our wanted poster and contacted authorities.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, these and similar scenes played out 9 times last year, leading to the capture of fugitives wanted for murder, kidnapping, child sexual abuse, and other serious crimes.

We couldn't be more pleased. In an age where more and more criminals and terrorists are looking for remote places to hide in our global village, we can use all the help we can get—particularly from concerned citizens beyond our borders.

So what are you waiting for? Go straight to Most Wanted and get started in helping us fight crime and terrorism!

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