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Dr. Tomeh (left) with Atlanta Special Agent in Charge Gregory Jones
Dr. Tomeh (left) with Atlanta Special Agent in Charge Gregory Jones

He’s leading the drive to build the largest mosque in the southeastern U.S. Along the way, he has become a valuable partner of the FBI, helping us and our law enforcement colleagues better understand Muslim issues and concerns.

On February 13, the head of our Atlanta office presented Dr. Mohammad O. Tomeh with the Director’s Community Leadership Award for 2006. Dr. Tomeh, who emigrated to this country from Syria in 1967, is chairman of the Board of Directors at the Al-Farooq Mosque in Atlanta and a long-time medical professional with expertise in pediatric infectious diseases.

Dr. Tomeh’s contributions include: building bridges between the Muslim community in Atlanta and area law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, by opening the channels of communication and helping the community better understand Islam by participating in regular town hall meetings.

At the presentation ceremony, Dr. Tomeh said that Islam promotes “peace and justice” and rejects harm against human life by any religion. FBI Special Agent in Charge Gregory Jones indicated that he gained respect for Dr. Tomeh as they “kicked around issues” and that the interactions made him and his staff more culturally sensitive.

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