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Here's What It's Like: Up Close and Personal


Up Close and Personal GraphicLeslie joined the Terrorist Financing Operations Section in the Washington, DC, area summer of 2003—after 15 years experience in the private sector. Leslie has an MBA and worked as a Financial Consultant for 10 years. She decided to join the FBI after the September 11th attacks, in an effort to make a difference using her financial experience. We asked her to talk a little bit about her work—and her motivations.

Q: Can you tell me what you like most about the job?
Leslie: There's actually a lot I like about the job—interesting work with interesting people and a lot of variability—but, honestly, what I like best is the knowledge that I'm making a difference in protecting the security and freedom of Americans. Amazing when you think about it: my contribution is helping to make a difference!

Q: Have you had any especially exciting moments over the past year?
Leslie: Yes, it's always exciting when the numbers—the data—lead me into the terrorist's world. I've uncovered previously unknown connections between subjects—and that's a thrill. I've been able to use financial information to assess certain behaviors. That's also exciting. It's fascinating to match up the numbers with ongoing cases—and to work with Special Agents in the field to help them uncover subjects and sources. I've traveled to various cities to help identify next steps in ongoing investigations. In others I've talked to case agents about how my section could assist them.

Q: What's a typical working day like?
Leslie: It's mostly data-driven, of course: analyzing bank records, querying databases, developing visual connections of people and accounts, but it's also staying in close touch with agents and analysts who depend on my findings to take their cases to the next level. It's so much more than a "desk job."

Q: Any advice for prospective FBI recruits?
Leslie: I'd tell them to get excited. Even though every job has frustrations, this one has quality work and quality personnel. The FBI has made a point of hiring very knowledgeable and ethical people. I am really proud to be working here with my colleagues.

Link: Interested in applying? Go straight to www.fbijobs.gov