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Be cautious in financial matters


Financial Fraud graphic.John Milius has sent a lot of messages to the American public, including ones about FBI Agents, police, and American justice. He directed the films Dillinger and The Wind and the Lion. He wrote the screenplays of Clear and Present Danger and Apocalypse Now. And he was the one who penned Clint Eastwood's classic lines as policeman Dirty Harry: "Well do you feel lucky...well do ya, punk?"

Today, though, he is sending a different kind of message, and he hopes the public will be just as riveted by it.

On December 2nd, following an investigation by the FBI, Mr. Milius' accountant and business manager was arrested and charged with two counts of securities fraud in relation to his embezzlement of some $3 million from Mr. Milius. This trusted professional, who worked for Mr. Milius over a 15-year period, is charged with fraudulent billing practices, fabricating purchases of collectible firearms by Mr. Milius ...and with liquidating securities from a trust account set up for Mr. Milius' children in order to hide his thefts and continue his schemes.

What message does Mr. Milius want to send today? Be cautious with your finances. Don't blindly trust people who have access to your accounts and assist with your finances.

When it comes to people with a lack of scruples, it's just like gangster John Dillinger said in Mr. Milius' 1973 film Dillinger: "My buddies wanted to be firemen, farmers, or policemen, something like that. Not me. I just wanted to steal other people's money."