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FBI Employees Reach Out to the Less Fortunate During the Holidays


Season of Giving GraphicThey called it "Operation Shining Star." And a team of local, state, and federal law enforcement professionals from across Chicago pitched in to make it a success: the U.S. Secret Service, the Chicago and Cook County police departments, the Illinois State Police, DEA, ATF, the U.S. Marshals Service, TSA, and the FBI's Chicago Office.

Their mission? To lift the spirits of underprivileged kids in Chicago by delivering presents and smiles. And deliver they did, giving toys and books to 850 children in four sites - a shelter for children from abusive homes, an after-school program, a children's hospital, and a community policing program.

The highlight of the operation? Santa and Mrs. Claus delivering presents down the streets of Chicago in a presidential limo provided by the Secret Service, escorted by a motorcade of vehicles driven by agents and officers from the various participating agencies.

What else have FBI employees done to give back to their communities this season?

  • The Joy of Giving. Several FBI offices chose to help make the holidays happier for needy families of students they mentor year-round in the "Adopt-a-School" program. The Phoenix Division, for instance, gave students of a school for homeless children the opportunity to experience the joy of giving to others. While other agencies provided toys and other gifts to the kids themselves, FBI employees collected donations so that the students could get gifts for their family members. Then, the employees helped the students pick out the gifts.
  • Phone Home. Some FBI offices focused on making connections between our troops overseas and their families back home. Employees of the Atlanta Office launched "Operation Call Home," collecting donations that were used to purchase 168 phone cards so that families could call their loved ones stationed at a Naval Air Station in Afghanistan.
  • The Warmth of the Season. Several FBI offices from cold-weather states focused on helping the less fortunate stay warm this winter. The Cleveland Division, for example, asked employees to decorate one of the holiday trees in the office with new children's hats, coats, scarves, and mittens. These items were then given to a local children's home that provides such cold-weather essentials to needy families.

These are just a few of the examples of giving during the holidays by FBI employees, who are proud to serve their communities and their country year-round. Happy holidays everyone!