Historical Documents from the Bureau's Founding…

 In his 1907 Report to Congress, AG Bonaparte asked Congress to consider creating        a detective force in the Department of Justice.

  On January 17, 1908, Bonaparte testified to Congress on the need for a DOJ        detective force.

  AG Bonaparte's July 26 memo that represents the official beginning of the Bureau.

  In his 1908 Report to Congress, Bonaparte announced the creation of a small force        of detectives in the Department of Justice.

  When President Roosevelt picked a fight with Congress, AG Bonaparte had to
defend his new detective force in a letter to the President dated January 14, 1909.

  In 1935, Washington Star reporter Don Bloch wrote a long article on AG Bonaparte.

  A short reflection on the early Bureau written by James G. Findlay in 1943. Findlay        entered the Bureau in 1909.


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