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Photograph of Percy E. Foxworth

Photograph of Harold Dennis Haberfeld

1906 - 1943

1912 - 1943

On January 15, 1943, Assistant Director Percy E. Foxworth of the New York Office and Special Agent Harold Dennis Haberfeld were killed in a military airplane accident near Paramaribo, Surinam. In connection with the war effort, they were taking a roundabout route to North Africa at the specific request of General Dwight D. Eisenhower to perform a secret mission of critical importance. The cause of the crash of the airplane was never ascertained. Although 35 people were on board the aircraft, search teams were only able to locate sufficient remains to be placed in a single casket, which was returned to the United States 5 years later and buried in a grave at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, al Cemetery. Following AD Foxworth's death, a liberty ship named the S.S. P.E. Foxworth, was launched in February, 1943.

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