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Photograph of John L. Bailey

1942 - 1990

On June 25, 1990, Special Agent John L. Bailey was fatally wounded during an attempted robbery of a Las Vegas, Nevada, bank. SA Bailey, who was serving a subpoena in the bank, heard a teller scream. The teller told SA Bailey that the man who had just left her window had a gun and attempted to rob her. SA Bailey drew his weapon, identified himself as an FBI Agent, and ordered the bank robber to stop. As the man turned with a gun in his hand, SA Bailey fired one shot, which struck the front glass door. The robber dropped his gun. SA Bailey frisked the robber and placed him on a chair. However, SA Bailey's attention was apparently diverted and the bank robber lunged at SA Bailey, knocking the Agent's gun out of his hand. The bank robber recovered his own weapon and shot SA Bailey three times.

SA Bailey was born in November of 1942 in Massachusetts. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and served with the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam, during which he was decorated with two Bronze stars. In 1969, he entered on duty with the FBI and was eventually assigned to several field offices, including Louisville, New York, and Las Vegas.

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