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Marcus C. Thomas Assistant Director, Operational Technology Division

Mr. Thomas was born in 1962 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and earned his Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree in 1985 from the University of Tennessee. Before entering the FBI, Mr. Thomas worked as a designer within the Nuclear power industry.

Mr. Thomas entered on duty as a Special Agent with the FBI on April 21, 1986 and served as a Special Agent for more than 20 years. Upon completion of training at Quantico, he was assigned to the Washington Field Office, where he worked Domestic Terrorism, Criminal Investigations, and Foreign Counterintelligence.

In 1991, Mr. Thomas was appointed as a Supervisory Special Agent to the Technical Services Division, a precursor to the present-day Operational Technology Division. Since that time, Mr. Thomas has held a variety of positions and responsibilities associated with providing technical support to field office investigative operations. These positions include Unit Chief (1996), Advanced Telephony Unit, Section Chief (2000), Cyber Technology Section, and Deputy Assistant Director (2002) of the Operational Technology Division. In August, 2006, he was named Acting Assistant Director, Operational Technology Division. Mr. Thomas can be reached during duty hours at (703) 632-6091 or via enterprise e-mail at MCTHOMAS@fbinet.fbi.

Mr. Thomas resides in Stafford, Virginia and is married with two children.