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Carlo L. Lucchesi – Assistant Director, Office of IT Policy and Planning

Mr. Lucchesi serves as the Assistant Director of the Office of IT Policy and Planning, one of five components in the FBI’s Information and Technology Branch. Mr. Lucchesi is responsible for an information technology portfolio of approximately $1 billion of IT investments, projects, and systems. He also is responsible for strategically planning and assessing the FBI’s IT investments, projects, and assets across the enterprise to deliver critical mission capabilities to FBI personnel, while optimizing performance and return on investment.

Mr. Lucchesi developed a recognized IT Governance framework that complies with the 1996 Clinger-Cohen Act, successfully implementing IT Governance Boards and project control processes. He ensured that projects were planned and developed using best practices and repeatable procedures and complied with legislation and FBI, Department of Justice, and the Office of Management and Budget policies.

Mr. Lucchesi joined the FBI in September 1993 as a member of the Criminal Justice Information Services Division staff. He contributed to the successful deployment of the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) system, the FBI’s $640 million Presidential Priority Program that modernized and revitalized the FBI’s fingerprint identification services. During this period he acted as IAFIS Chief of Staff and Chief of the Program Performance and Management Unit where he was responsible for IAFIS program performance. He planned and implemented the IAFIS connectivity assistance program for state, federal, and FBI field office users.

Mr. Lucchesi also served as the U.S. delegate to the Interpol Automated Fingerprint Identification System Expert Group where he represented the FBI’s information sharing requirements for international interoperability and exchange of fingerprint standards and data.

Prior to joining the FBI, Mr. Lucchesi was responsible for the management and coordination of diverse military projects. Before his retirement as a commander in the Naval Reserve, he served with the Defense Intelligence Agency’s European Operations Directorate and as the Assistant Naval Attaché, Rome.

Mr. Lucchesi graduated from Middlebury College, Vermont in 1978 with a bachelor’s degree in history. He is an accredited Contracting Officer Technical Representative. In August 2005, he was awarded the Director’s Annual Award for Special Achievement for leading the effort to create the foundation needed to transform IT management within the FBI.