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William L. Hooton Assistant Director, Records Management Division

Mr. Hooton was born and raised in Austin, Texas, earning a degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas in 1975. He began his government service with the IRS in 1970, while still in school. While at the IRS, he designed one of the very first practical systems utilizing digital images and optical disks in a system that processed 85,000 tax returns a day. In 1983, he moved to the National Archive,s where he directed a program that tested the feasibility of substituting digital images for physical records and microform.

In 1990, he left federal service and worked in the commercial sector in a number of senior executive assignments including president and CEO of Tower Software, a records management software company; and corporate vice president of Science Applications International Corporation. Mr. Hooton has been a director on a number of boards of high-tech companies both public and private.

He joined the FBI in January, 2002 as assistant director, Records Management Division, and is also the FBI's records officer. He has also served as deputy executive assistant director for Administration.