Photograph of NASA launch pad


During the investigation, invoices discovered by investigators revealed charges to the Space Shuttle project for non-related items and home building materials. Investigators then discovered that COMPANY B's Project Manager was building a personal residence and had charged many of the material costs to the NASA project.

To make matters worse, once the project was supposedly completed, NASA This is a photograph of the Hubble Telescopediscovered that sand from all the sand blasting had contaminated the "clean room" used by shuttle astronauts. Not only did this cost NASA more money, but it also meant that the Shuttle had to be moved to an alternate launch pad for its mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope (A repair of the Hubble Telescope is pictured right).

The FBI and NASA joined forces, and their efforts ultimately resulted in thefirst violation of a major fraud statute prosecuted in the Middle District of Florida. The wives finally admitted that they were placed as the heads of COMPANY B for the sole purpose of obtaining contracts for their husbands' company. After six years of extensive investigation and negotiations, COMPANY B agreed to plead guilty to the violation of Major Fraud and was fined over $1 million.

Photograph of a jungle

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