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United States


Florida. The Kennedy Space Center is on the Atlantic Coast in Brevard County in central Florida

Area in Space Center: Launch Complex 39. The Launch Pad under investigation, 39A, is located 18,000 feet from the main area of Launch Complex 39. That distance is more than 50 football fields


Climate (weather example from October 14, 2001):


Maximum: 84 degrees fahrenheit
Minimum: 73 degrees fahrenheit

Wind: Peek wind was 26 miles per hour


Launch Pad Facts:

Shape: Launch Pad 39A, and an almost identical Launch Pad 39B, are roughly octagonal in shape
Distance Between Pads: The distance between Pads 39A and 39B is nearly 8,700 feet. This distance equals 29 football fields
1993 Repair Facts:

The repair of Launch Pad 39A used more than 13,000 gallons of paint. This much paint would fill the inside of a railroad car

1,800 tons of sand were used in sandblasting the Launch Pad

Other Facts :

Both Launch Pads are extremely close to the water on raised pads. Launch Pad 39A is 48 feet above sea level and Pad 39B is 55 feet above sea level

Each Pad's base contains 68,000 cubic yards of concrete

There is approximately 1.25 million feet of tubing and piping in the Launch 39 Complex. This is enough to reach from Orlando to Miami, Florida

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