Nomination of Law Enforcement Officers to Attend the National Academy

Who should sign the nomination.
A commissioner, superintendent, or chief of police; a sheriff or head of county policy agency; the chief, superintendent, or executive officer of a state police or highway patrol organization.

Who should fill out the application.
Officers with a minimum rank of lieutenant or the equivalent and who are approved by their respective field office.

Additionally, nominees must:

  • Be a regular, full-time officer of a duly-constituted law enforcement agency of a municipality, county, or state, having at least five years of substantial and continuous experience;
  • Be at least 25 years old;
  • Be in excellent physical condition, capable of strenuous exertion and regular participation in the use of firearms, physical training, and defensive tactics, which will be confirmed by a thorough physical examination (submitted when requested by the FBI) by a medical doctor of the nominee’s choosing and at the nominee’s expense;
  • Possess an excellent character and enjoy a reputation for professional integrity;
  • Exhibit an interest in law enforcement as a public service, a seriousness of purpose, qualities of leadership and enjoy the confidence and respect of fellow officers;
  • Have a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate;
  • Agree to remain in law enforcement for a minimum of three years after graduating from the FBI National Academy.

Please contact your local FBI office training coordinator if you are interested in submitting a nomination or in learning more about the process.

International students are nominated by their host countries working through our Legal Attaché offices.

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