Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar (LEEDS) & Regional Command Colleges

The Leadership Development Institute supports two other programs for law enforcement executives.

The Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar, or LEEDS, is designed for chief executive officers of the nation’s mid-sized law enforcement agencies. Begun in 1981, the seminar has graduated more than 1,300 executives to date.

Designed for executive officers who report a lack of training for law enforcement leaders, this seminar enables participants to reflect upon and regroup for the next stage of their careers. Executives are provided with instruction and facilitation in the areas of leadership, strategic planning, legal issues, labor relations, media relations, social issues, and police programs. The environment of the seminar is conducive to independent thought and study. Participants have the opportunity to exchange plans, problems, and solutions with their peers; to develop new thoughts and ideas; and to share successes of their own communities. The interaction among the executives is worthwhile for them as well—some of the most productive learning takes place outside of the classroom during evening conferences and meals.

Regional Command Colleges.
Regional Command Colleges train chief executives and certain second-in-command officers at smaller agencies. Since approximately 80 percent of the law enforcement agencies in the U.S. have fewer than 25 sworn officers, the Regional Command Colleges serve the majority of local agency executives. Approximately 21 regional leadership development seminars are held each year.

The command college is a 40-hour course focused on management, legal issues, and media relations. Support for the program is provided by the FBI and other sponsors. Executives attending must pay their transportation and housing.

How to Apply.
Law enforcement executives interested in applying for either of these programs should contact the police training coordinator in their local FBI field office.

For graduates.
Most of the graduates of LEEDS and the Regional Command Colleges become members of the non-profit FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (FBI-LEEDA) and continue attending annual training conferences to further their education.

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