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OTD employees work with Cooperative students, integrating academics with work experience

The FBI’s Cooperative (Co-Op) Education Program is a planned, progressive education program that integrates a student’s academic studies with federal work experience, possibly resulting in a job with the FBI upon graduation. OTD’s 52-week pilot program is currently available at two schools: Kettering University in Michigan and the University of Louisville in Kentucky. The following educational backgrounds would be useful if you’re interested in applying to the program: electrical engineering, computer engineering, software engineering, telecommunications, data communications systems, cryptography, mathematics, photograph/film/video/audio, and mechanical and chemical engineering.

How do I apply?
Interested students attending either Kettering University or the University of Louisville should send a current résumé, along with a cover note, to Ms. Jill Valentine at javalentine@fbi.academy.edu.

Are these paid internships?
Yes. You will receive academic credit for each cooperative education along with a salary at the GS-5, GS-6, or GS-7 rank, which is based on the percentage of credits completed towards a degree.

Is a security clearance required?
Yes. Selected candidates must go through a full background investigation in order to obtain a clearance. In addition, students will go through a security interview, pre-employment polygraph, urinalysis testing, and fingerprinting.

How long does the background investigation take?
That will depend on a number of variables, such as the accuracy and thoroughness of the completed background document; the extent of your foreign travel or time living abroad; and the verification of any inconsistencies in the application or investigative processes.

Questions on the Cooperative Education Program can be directed to Ms. Jill Valentine at javalentine@fbiacademy.edu


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