2009 Director’s Community Leadership Awards

San Diego
Jerry Crosby
2009 Director’s Community Leadership Awards

The San Diego Division has selected Jerry Crosby to receive the Director’s Community Leadership Award.

Mr. Jerry R. Crosby has been an extraordinary asset to the FBI's efforts in the war on terror. In early 2008, he initiated a program that focuses on threats to U.S. military personnel and U.S. military missions overseas posed by Department of Defense (DoD) contracted role players and linguists. San Diego is home to large Iraqi and Afghan populaces, the pool from which many of the contracted role players and linguists are drawn. Mr. Crosby developed a process with the U.S. Army 902nd Military Intelligence Group to assist the army with its counterintelligence screening of potential role players and linguists. Since Mr. Crosby took over this initiative, the relationship between the U.S. Army Intelligence Group and the FBI has produced measurable gains for both entities. In addition, the assessments and screenings eliminated over a dozen individuals the FBI determined would pose a threat to national security had they obtained work as DoD contract employees.

Mr. Crosby's enthusiasm and vigor have taken this initiative to an unexpectedly high level with the drafting of a Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS) Fraud Vulnerability Report. This report is addressed to the DoD Inspector General and is focused on national security concerns, force protection concerns, vulnerabilities to the DoD contract system, and contract fraud by contractors who double-bill DoD. DCIS headquarters, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and the FBI's National Joint Terrorism Task Force have agreed to cooperate in his effort to rectify a national problem that has potential international implications. Mr. Crosby's aggressive pursuit of this ambitious goal is gaining traction and aims to create a "purple policy" affecting all U.S. armed services. Such a policy would improve all U.S. armed services' processes for employing role players. The purple policy would also apply to the contracting process for employing linguists who work in tandem with troops conducting tactical operations and intelligence work overseas.

Mr. Crosby is also to be highly commended for his work locally with the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) in its efforts to gain a better understanding of the San Diego Afghan community, particularly in the northeastern section of San Diego where this populace is highly concentrated. Mr. Crosby has educated SDPD on the FBI's interest and concerns about this community, and SDPD has made use of this information, expanding the scope of its relationship. This is another initiative that has reaped positive, productive integrated benefits.

Mr. Crosby is a tremendous asset to the U.S. Intelligence Community in working diligently and tirelessly at identifying the threats posed by individuals whose goal it is to surreptitiously infiltrate the U.S. government and compromise its operations. Mr. Crosby is also invaluable to the San Diego FBI's efforts to pinpoint the threats emerging within its domain and establish working relationships to prevent and deter such threats.

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