2009 Director’s Community Leadership Awards

Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis
2009 Director’s Community Leadership Awards

The Anchorage Division has selected Abused Women's Aid in Crisis (AWAIC) to receive the Director’s Community Leadership Award.

Abused Women's Aid in Crisis and its representative, Leah Davenport, who serves as the director of development, have directly affected the citizens of Alaska by leading efforts to educate Alaskans about domestic violence. In addition, AWAIC has worked closely with the Anchorage Division in facilitating comprehensive services to victims of human sex trafficking.

The mission of AWAIC is to provide a domestic violence safe shelter and intervention. AWAIC values education, advocacy, partnership, sustainability, and credibility. AWAIC annually provides approximately 17,000 shelter safe nights to women and children, responds to over 2,000 crisis calls and 8,500 service calls, and provides over 300 youth and community presentations.

The AWAIC program has several long-range goals which include:

  • Ensuring 100 percent of the people in the Municipality of Anchorage, including children, know about domestic violence and how to get help.
  • Turning no one away who comes to the shelter.
  • Providing a comprehensive emergency response to every occurrence.
  • Providing comprehensive transition services.

AWAIC has also hosted monthly meetings of a Domestic Violence Caucus made up of law enforcement (including the FBI), victim advocates, the Office of Children's Services, and legal assistance.

AWAIC is a nonprofit agency governed by a volunteer board of directors. The agency employs 49 workers and uses scores of volunteers. Funding is provided from federal and state sources; the Municipality of Anchorage; United Way; and corporate, foundation, and private donors.

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