Enterprise-Wide IT Procurement Program Saves FBI Millions

WASHINGTON (December 8, 2008)—The FBI’s Enterprise Information Technology Procurement (EITP) program has saved the Bureau millions of dollars related to enterprise-wide IT contracts for Fiscal Year (FY) 2008.

Former FBI Chief Information Officer Zalmai Azmi established the EITP program to determine which critically needed license agreements for IT software and hardware products could be used across the FBI, thereby providing an opportunity for significant cost savings and improved efficiencies.

During FY 2008, the EITP program proved its worth by recording a total cost savings and cost avoidance of $14.9 million, while forecasting an additional $49.3 million in out-year cost savings for FY 2009 through FY 2012, for a projected total cost savings of $64.2 million. Equally important will be the establishment of an FBI Center for Excellence that will centrally manage the entire life cycle of enterprise-wide FBI IT contracts. Enterprise-level stewardship of requirements elicitation, contracting, and negotiations will set the tone for managing non-IT enterprise contracts in the near future.

The EITP program continually leverages the Bureau’s buying power through the establishment of new Enterprise License Agreements and Blanket Purchase Agreements, thus reducing the total cost of ownership for IT products.