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FBI Laboratory Specialized Training Program

The FBI Laboratory provides forensic science courses through the Specialized Training Program. The courses are between four and ten days in length and are presented by forensic science experts from the FBI Laboratory and other partnering agencies. Course topics offered vary from year to year and focus on forensic science specialties conducted within the FBI Laboratory. These courses are designed to enhance the understanding and knowledge of federal, state and local law enforcement and forensic experts within government laboratories throughout the U.S. Courses are open to U.S. law enforcement agencies, government crime laboratories and military personnel only.

There is no charge for the FBI Laboratory Specialized Training Program. The FBI pays for travel expenses (lodging, meals and transportation). If selected, students from other federal agencies must pay their own travel expenses. All expenses are subject to government regulations and program guidelines.

Applications are accepted throughout the year and selected students will be notified 30-45 days prior to the start of a course. If interested in applying for a FBI Laboratory Specialized Training Course. Please review the Student Instructions and the Schedule links below for more information regarding the course application processes.

Susan Myers
Training Officer
Quality Assurance and Training Unit
FBI Laboratory
Quantico, Virginia