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Forensic Science Communications
October 2009—Volume 11—Number 4

  Review Articles
  Latent Prints: A Perspective on the State of the Science
Peter E. Peterson
Cherise B. Dreyfus
Melissa R. Gische
Mitchell Hollars
Maria Antonia Roberts
Robin M. Ruth
Heather M. Webster
Greg L. Soltis
  Handwriting Examination: Meeting the Challenges of Science and the Law
Diana Harrison
Ted M. Burkes
Danielle P. Seiger
Standards and Guidelines
  SWGDAM Recommendations to the FBI Director on the “Interim Plan for the Release of Information in the Event of a ‘Partial Match’ at NDIS”
Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods Ad Hoc Committee on Partial Matches
Technical Note
  The “Forensic Bulldozer” as a Clandestine Grave Search Tool
Angi M. Christensen
W. Michael Lowe
Gary W. Reinecke
Short Communication
  FBI Laboratory Specialized Training Program
Susan Myers
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