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Forensic Science Communications
October 2003 – Volume 5 – Number 4 

Employment Opportunities

Assistant Chief Toxicologist
Assistant Director (Executive Level)
Assistant Professor
Autopsy Technician
Criminalist / Forensic Chemist
Director of Toxicology
DNA Specialist / Technical Consultant
DNA Technician
Fingerprint Analyst I
Firearms and Toolmarks Examiner
Firearms and Toolmarks Examiner Level II
Firearms and Toolmarks Examiner Level III
Forensic Biology Technical Leader
Forensic Chemist
Forensic Chemist
Forensic DNA Analyst
Forensic DNA Analyst
Forensic DNA Analyst / Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Trainer
Forensic DNA Analyst / LIMS Assistant Administrator
Forensic Pathologist / Assistant Professor, Clinical Track
Forensic Pathologist / Deputy Coroner
Forensic Scientist / Application Scientist
Forensic Scientist Supervisor (Toxicology)
Forensic Specialist
Forensic Toxicologist
GC / MS Supervisor
GC / MS Technician I
GC / MS Technician II
LCMS Specialist
Molecular Biologist, Temporary Foreign Assignment

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI Laboratory is an equal opportunity employer. Current position vacancies are listed elsewhere on the FBI Web site, and you may apply for positions online. Other employment information, including pay scales, benefits, and conditions of employment, is also available online. U.S. citizenship is required.

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