N-DEx Success Story: Connecting the Dots

One recent example of the power of N-DEx was a success story shared by the Nevada State Criminal Justice Information Services Systems Officer, Captain PK O’Neill, Records & Technology Division Chief at the Nevada Department of Public Safety.

N-DEx successfully enabled law enforcement officers in North Las Vegas to connect the dots between their own investigation and a seemingly unrelated Los Angeles Police Department incident report. This gave them the information they needed to identify and apprehend a suspect on drug trafficking and firearms charges who otherwise may have evaded capture by using different names in different states.

Here is the story: the North Las Vegas Police Department was investigating a man whom they suspected was selling illegal drugs. They knew that he was living in North Las Vegas with a female and another male and that he used the alias “Peanut.” Unfortunately, the standard information systems were little help by themselves. Subpoenaed utility company records showed Patty F. and husband Chris M. at the North Las Vegas address, but there were no local records on Chris M., and without a date of birth or other identifiers, there was no way to crosscheck that identity with data from other jurisdictions.

However, when investigators turned to N-DEx, they found an incident report from Los Angeles naming Ed V. as an associate of Patty F., and they connected that to National Crime Information Center (NCIC) data listing both Chris M. and “Peanut” as aliases used by Ed V. They also discovered Ed V.’s extensive criminal history and a felony warrant for stolen vehicle possession. When North Las Vegas law enforcement officers served the warrant on Ed V.—who identified himself to them as Chris M.—they found a large quantity of narcotics and two handguns.

Thanks to the ability of N-DEx to connect the dots, this criminal suspect was no longer able to evade capture by using different identities in different jurisdictions.


July 2009