N-DEx: Concept

N-DEx Concept

Data Submitted

All information shared through N-DEx originates from data supplied by data sources from numerous local, state, tribal and federal systems such as: incident reports, arrest reports, case files, booking reports, incarceration records, and criminal histories. These records contain information about entities (e.g., people, locations, and items such as weapons and vehicles) and may specify relationships among the entities they contain (e.g., person lives at address or owns vehicle).

Services & Capabilities

N-DEx information services correlate data received from data suppliers and apply sophisticated business rules that may proactively notify specific users if certain relationships are discovered. N-DEx will prepare the data for efficient access through N DEx services and capabilities to address the who, what, when, where, and how of law enforcement information nationwide. It will also provide users with a single point of discovery to “connect the dots” through the N-DEx capabilities. In doing so, N-DEx will maintain knowledge of entities contained in data available to N-DEx in such a way that N DEx will always know the relationships between a specific entity and its related entities even if that specific entity appears in multiple pieces of data from multiple data sources.

Information Returned

N-DEx users are offered access to the information available using N-DEx capabilities. These capabilities provide the investigative and analytical tools for users to discover information across jurisdictional boundaries relevant to their fight against crime and terrorism. For example, when a user conducts a search for a name, the system will automatically link and make available to the user correlations between people, places, and things that previously were not known to the user.