2010 Fall Course Catalog

Developmental Opportunities
Provided by the
Training and Records Testimony Team
Support Services Section
Biometric Services Section

New Classes Offered by the Laboratory Division

1. Crime Scene Preservation of Latent Print Evidence (Internal and External) 8 hours
2. Latent Print Advanced Testimony Workshop (Internal and External) 32 Hours
3. The Science of Friction Ridge Skin (Internal and external) 12 hours

Functional Training

1. ACE-V for the Tenprint Examiner (Internal and External) 2 Hours
2. Administrative and Performance Training for BSS Non-Supervisors (Internal) 8 Hours
3. Advanced Comparison for Tenprint Examiners (Internal and External) 24 Hour Maximum
4. Answer Hits to Wants (Internal) 16 Weeks
5. Basic Criminal History Workshop (Internal) 40 Hours
6. Biometric Services Section (BSS) Tour Training (includes FIC Demonstration) (Internal) 2 Hours
7. Civil Name Index (CNI) (Internal) 3 Weeks
8. Classifying Fingerprints Using Henry (Internal and External) 40 Hours
9. Consolidation Specialist (CONSPEC) (Internal) 6 Weeks
10. Conversion of Manual Criminal History Records (Internal) 6 Weeks
11. Dispositions (Federal) (Internal) 2 Weeks
12. Dispositions (MRD) (Internal) 1 Week TES 13. Dispositions (State) (Internal) 4 Weeks
14. Document Specialist (DocSpec) (Internal) 24 Weeks
15. Expungements (Internal) 8 Weeks
16. Fingerprint History and Early Pioneers (Internal and External) 4 Hours
17. Fingerprint Physiology (Internal and External) 2 Hours
18. Flash Form Training (External) 8 Hours
19. Flashes (Internal) 8 Weeks
20. Formulating the Henry Classification (No Classification Instruction) 4 Hours
21. Forensic Documentation for the Tenprint Examiner (Internal and External) 3 Hours
22. Henry Classification Formula Refresher (Internal and External) 4 Hours
23. IAFIS on the Road - Virtual (External) 4 Hours
24. Interpreting an FBI IAFIS Response (Internal) 5 Hours
25. Locate (Internal) 40 Hours
26. Logic Error Resolution (LER) Refresher (Internal) 2 Weeks Maximum
27. Manual Quality Check (QC) (Internal) 4 Weeks
28. Manual Searching Using the Henry Classification System (Internal) 72 Hours
29. MISCDOC I (Miscellaneous Documents) (Internal) 4 Weeks
30. Name Check (Double Rejects and AP) (Internal) 2 Weeks
31. NICS Support (Internal) 6 Weeks
32. Quality Assurance and Product Verification (Internal) 3 Weeks Maximum
33. Recording Legible Fingerprints Using Live Scan Mobile Devices (Internal and External) 8 Hours Maximum
34. Referencing the Henry Classification System (Internal) 8 Hours
35. Scars and the IAFIS (Internal) 2 Hours
36. Scientific Basics of Fingerprints – WVU Forensics Program (15 Weeks) (External)
37. Scientific Basics of Fingerprints – Recording – 1 day (Internal and External)
38. Scientific Basics of Fingerprints – Classifying, Recording and Comparing 3 Day Class (Internal and External)
39. Scientific Basics of Palmprints – Comparing (Internal) 24 Hours
40. Scientific Basics of Palmprints – Recording (Internal and External) 4 Hours
41. Sequencing and Filing Using the Henry Classification System (Internal) 40 Hours
42. Special Processing Center (SPC) (Internal) 8 Hours
43. Tenprint for Special Identities Unit (Internal) 4 Hours
44. The Data behind the Fingerprints (External) 4 Hours
45. Tier 1 – FBI New Fingerprint Examiner (FPE) Intern Program (Internal) (This is the 20 week class for new Fingerprint Examiners.)
46. Tier 2 – FBI Friction Ridge Examiner Certification Preparation (Internal) 24 Hours
47. Tier 3 - IAI Tenprint Certification Preparation with Moot Court (Internal and External) 40 Hour
48. Tier 4 – Courtroom and Records Testimony (Internal) 24 Hour Minimum
49. Transaction History for Tenprint and Criminal History Examiners (Internal) 3 Hours
50. VTC - Understanding the FBI Criminal History Record (External) 4 Hours
51. VTC – Scientific Basics of Fingerprints – Classifying and Recording - (External) 1 Day

Overviews and Presentations (approximately one-hour classes)

1. Advanced Technology Workstation (Internal)
2. A Study of Friction Ridges in Primates (Internal and External)
3. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification (EBTS) (Internal)
4. Answer Hits to Wants (AHTW) (Internal)
5. Automated Processing (AP) (Internal)
6. Awards and Incentives Protocol for BSS Supervisors (Internal)
7. Biometric Center of Excellence (BCOE) (Internal and External)
8. Biometric Interoperability (Internal and External)
9. Biometric Services Section (BSS) Data Management System (BDMS) (Internal)
10. Biometric Services Section (BSS) Gain Sharing (Internal)
11. Biometric Services Section (BSS) (Internal and External)
12. Biometrics and the Legal System (Internal and External)
13. Challenges to Fingerprint Identification (Internal and External)
14. Code of Ethics for Friction Ridge Examiners (Internal)
15. Completing and Processing BSS Correction Forms (Internal)
16. Continuity of Operations Plan for the BSS (COOP) (Internal)
17. Criminal History Record Functions in the BSS (Internal and External)
18. Customer Service Group (Internal and External)
19. Document Specialist (DOCSPEC) (Internal)
20. Employee and Statistics Database (Internal)
21. FBI- Four Tier Tenprint Certification Program (Internal and External)
22 FBI’s Top Ten Reasons for Rejects and How to Prevent Them (External)
23. Fingerprinting For Kids (Internal and External)
24. Flashes (Internal)
25. How To Prepare A Curriculum Vitae For Testimony (Internal and External)
26. How to Read BSS Statistical Trending, Analysis, and Reporting (STAR) Accuracy Reports (Internal BSS Staff Only)
27. How to Use the MIH Log (Internal)
28. IAFIS (Internal and External)
29. IAFIS (Level 2) (Internal and External)
30. International Association for Identification (IAI)/Scientific Working Group on Friction Ridge Analysis, Study and Technology (SWGFAST) (Internal)
31. Introduction to Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) (Internal and External)
32. Introduction to Ear Identification (Internal and External)
33. Introduction to Facial Recognition-Identification (Internal and External)
34. Introduction to Fingerprint Examination (Internal and External)
35. Introduction to Friction Ridge Embryology (Internal and External)
36. Introduction to Hand Geometry Identification (Internal and External)
37. Introduction to Heart Cadence Identification (Internal and External)
38. Introduction to Human Gait Identification (Internal and External)
39. Introduction to Iris Identification (Internal and External)
40. Introduction to Keystroke Dynamics (Internal)
41. Introduction to Lip Print Identification (Internal)
42. Introduction to Odontology (Internal and External)
43. Introduction to Odor Biometrics (Internal and External)
44. Introduction to Osteology (Internal and External)
45. Introduction to Palmprints and Complete Friction Ridge Exemplars (Internal and External)
46. Introduction to Plantarprints (Internal and External)
47. Introduction to Signature-Handwriting Identification (Internal and External)
48. Introduction to Vascular Identification (Internal and External)
49. Introduction to Voice Recognition Identification (Internal and External)
50. Meeting Database (for Supervisors) (Internal)
51. National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics (SEARCH) Conference (Internal)
52. NCIC Audit Procedures (Internal)
53. New Biometric Services Section (BSS) Training Instructor Orientation (Internal)
54. Next Generation Identification (NGI) Program (Internal and External)
55. Operational Analysis System Integrity Support (OASIS) (Internal)
56. Operations Control Center (OCC) (Internal)
57. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) (Internal)
58. Policy Review Board (PRB)/IAFIS Note/Standard Operating Manual (SOM) Replacement Page (Internal)
59. Process Improvement Team (PIT) and the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Process (Internal)
60. Progress Review Protocol for BSS Supervisors (Internal)
61. Proofreading and Typing for Criminal History Record Functions (Internal and External)
62. Quality Assurance Team (QAT) (Internal)
63. Records Testimony Program (Internal and External)
64. Search But Do Not Add (SBDA) (Internal)
65. System Integrity Team (SIT) (Internal)
66. Special Processing Center (SPC) (Internal and External)
67. Tenprint Workflow (Internal)

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