Jewelry and Gem Program

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Initiatives and Objectives

How does the FBI help the jewelry industry and police departments combat jewel thefts? Three main ways:

1. Operationally, our field offices coordinate cases that cross state lines…and our Legal Attache offices overseas coordinate cases that cross national boundaries.

2. We work with the law enforcement community to assist them in conducting searches through the Jewelers' Security Alliance Jewelry and Gem database.

3. We sponsor investigative coordination meetings and provide resources, as needed, to local police and jewelry professionals.

Our close partnerships with jewelry industry security experts—such as the Jewelers' Security Alliance, which represents the security concerns of approximately 20,000 retail jewelry stores; the Jewelers' Mutual Insurance Company; and the Gemological Institute of America—are crucial to the success of bringing thieves to justice and recovering stolen jewels.

Our close partnerships with police are crucial to combatting the increasingly violent victimization of jewelry retailers and traveling salespersons.