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Indian Country and Special Crimes Unit

Within the FBI's Criminal Investigative Division, the Indian Country and Special Crimes Unit (ICSCU) is responsible in part for developing and implementing strategies, programs, and policies to address identified crime problems in Indian Country for which the FBI has jurisdiction. The ICSCU's responsibilities include: management of resources; procurement of services and equipment; and the provision of assistance and training to Special Agents of the FBI, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), and tribal officers.

The long term strategy of the FBI in IC is to improve the professionalism and investigative abilities of tribal law enforcement entities throughout Indian Country. The goal of the FBI in Indian Country is to improve the overall quality of law enforcement services in Indian Country through: increased coordination with BIA and tribal police; joint training efforts; and joint investigative efforts. The establishment of Safe Trails Task Forces (STTF) is an essential element in the effort to improve the quality of law enforcement services in Indian Country. These Safe Trails Task Forces focus on specific crime problems which cannot be addressed unilaterally by the FBI or other law enforcement agencies.