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Business Opportunities with the Department of Justice

Standard Form 18 and Optional Form 336 -
Request for Quotations and Continuation Sheet

These forms are used when obtaining written quotations for supplies, services, and/or equipment under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (excluding commercial items up to $5 million, including options). Upon receipt of the SF 18, your firm should furnish a quote on or before the close of business date listed in block number 10. Note: These forms are a request for pricing only and are not an offer from the FBI.

Standard Form 30 and Standard Form 33 -
Solicitation, Offer and Award Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract

These forms are used by the FBI when a solicitation for a required need is sent to prospective suppliers. Standard Form 33 becomes the first page of the solicitation whereby upon acceptance of a proposal results in a contract after the incorporation of representations, certifications or other statements of quotations.

Standard Form 98 and Standard Form 98a -
Notice of Intention to Make a Service Contract and Response to Notice Attachment A

The Services Contract Act requires the Secretary of Labor to issue wage determinations applicable to employees engaged in the performance of service contracts in excess of $2,500 ($2,000 for construction and alterations under the Davis-Bacon Act). This process is to enforce fair labor laws providing for minimum wages and fringe benefits as well as other conditions of work. These forms, if applicable, will accompany the purchase order and the vendor must ensure that the policies are in compliance with these regulations.

Standard Form 129 (pdf) -
Solicitation Mailing List Application

This form should be completed and returned to the Procurement Section. Upon receipt of the completed application, your firm's name will be added to the FBI Solicitation Mailing List. All businesses should ensure that the identity of the supplies they offer is complete to include the appropriate signatures.

Standard Form 1034 -
Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other than Personal

This form is used to process payments to individuals normally under the micropurchases threshold ($2,500/construction $2,000) and serves as the authorizing document. Payment will be made via the Treasury Department.

Standard Form 1449 -
Solicitation/Contract/Order For Commercial Items

This form is used by the Contracting Officers when issuing written solicitations, awarding contracts, and placing orders for commercial items. This form contains the information necessary for solicitations and contracts. The form may also be used for documenting receipt, inspection, and acceptance of commercial items.

Division Form 12-201 -
FBI Purchase Order

This is the primary form used by the FBI to obtain supplies, services, and/or equipment. Normally a purchase order is issued on a fixed price basis and must include information in accordance with the federal regulations. Upon receiving an order from this Bureau, the supplier should acknowledge receipt within the time specified on the purchase order. The purchase order is an offer by the FBI whereby the vendor may accept by acknowledgment, delivery, or performance. Also serves as the funding document for all contracts