The FBI has built and continues to strengthen a security program to protect and keep secure its people, information, operations, and facilities.

Development of a comprehensive security program

  • Security Division created 12/01; grew from 13 to 29 functional units covering physical, personnel and information assurance security; staff increased from 624 to over 1250
  • Established Chief Security Officer (CSO) Program, establishing a professional security workforce
  • Resolved 26 of the 29 recommendations by the Webster Commission. Initiatives addressing the remaining three multi-year recommendations are in progress
  • FBI Security Policy Manual completed 12/05

Personnel security

  • Personnel Security Polygraph (PSP) program established in 2001; expanded in 2002 to include all candidates for the FBI Counterintelligence, Counterterrorism and Security programs
  • Processed clearances for nearly 8,000 local law enforcement and Joint Terrorism Task Force members; hired 4,264 Special Agents and 6,046 Professional Support personnel (9/11/01-8/10/06)
  • Established the Acquisition Security Unit on May 17, 2004, to evaluate contractors and consultants in order to manage, control and safeguard classified and sensitive information entrusted to contractors and consultants
  • Established Post-Adjudication Risk Management (PARM) Program in October 2002 to manage risks associated with the hiring of contract linguists; expanded program to address security risks associated with non-linguist personnel who represent elevated risk. The program has identified individuals for follow-up investigations resulting in revocation of clearances in several instances.

Information security

  • Created Enterprise Security Operations Center (ESOC) in 2003 to monitor and protect the FBI's information systems from external attacks and insider misuse
  • Established the Information Assurance Technology Unit in 2003 to develop and evaluate security technology safeguards for the FBI's IT enterprise
  • Deployed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in 2005

Physical security

  • Expanded the scope, skill and training of the FBI Police: implemented a three-week post-Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) training course to provide new officers with additional firearms and FBI policy and procedure training
  • Deployed FBI Police officers in support of the Hurricane Katrina effort in Covington and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 113 trips were made by 86 FBI Police Officers who contributed 19,656 man-hours in ten months to the effort