Fighting public corruption is the FBI's top priority in criminal investigations.


  • Over past 2 years, the FBI has convicted more than 1,060 government employees involved in corrupt activities, to include 177 federal officials, 158 state officials, 360 local officials, and more than 365 police officers.
  • In FY 2005, the Public Corruption Program saw a 25% increase in public corruption cases investigated, resulting in 890 indictments, 759 convictions, and 2,118 cases still pending.
  • Recent Investigations:
    • Lively Green - 17 current and former U.S. soldiers and law enforcement officers plead guilty to bribery and extortion conspiracy involved in the transportation and protection of drug shipments crossing into the U.S. from Mexico.
    • Hired Truck Program - Numerous City of Chicago employees indicted for investigation that revealed money in exchange for work in the city's Hired Truck Program.


  • 622 agents currently working public corruption matters, an increase of 264 since 2002
  • In the past year, the FBI trained more than 350 Special Agents and 50 local police officers working public corruption investigations at regional training conferences
  • Program Enhancement Initiative launched in early 2005, 23 field offices provided with training and feedback

Current Initiatives

  • Operation Broken Wheels - identifies regulatory corruption within departments of motor vehicles and other identification fraud involving public officials from other state, federal and local agencies in collateral support of the FBI's mission of combating international terrorism.
  • Southwest Border Corruption - identifies, coordinates, and supports law enforcement corruption investigations occurring along the southwest border in collateral support of the FBI's mission of combating international terrorism.
  • Hurricane Fraud Initiative - identifies, supplementally funds, and coordinates multi-agency public corruption and governmental fraud investigations derived from the 2005 hurricanes in the Gulf Coast region.
  • Capital City Initiative - identifies state legislative corruption and regulatory corruption within state agencies through intelligence base assessments and training, with a particular emphasis on field offices and resident agencies located in state capital cities throughout the country, and to support all resulting investigations.
  • Iraq Contract Corruption Initiative - identifies and coordinates contract corruption investigations, involving multiple field offices and numerous law enforcement partners in the national defense industry, related to U.S. contracts in Iraq through the Coalition Provisional Authority or other funding entities.
  • Campaign Finance/Ballot Fraud Initiative - identifies, coordinates, and supports campaign finance fraud and election law violation cases in anticipation of the 2006 federal elections.