New emphasis on information sharing

  • Established National Security Branch (NSB) with key mission to provide useful and timely information and analysis to the intelligence and law enforcement communities
  • Established Office of Law Enforcement Coordination headed by former police chief
  • Added new "critical element" for Special Agents' performance evaluations to emphasize information sharing
  • Established reports officers to push information to our partners
  • New Intelligence Officer Certification requires detail or experience in another Intelligence Community agency
  • Intelligence Products:
      • Number of Intelligence Information Reports increased from 0 pre 9/11 to 20,281 currently
      • Number of Intelligence Assessments increased from 0 pre 9/11 to 827 currently
      • Number of Intelligence Bulletins from increased 0 pre 9/11 to 399 currently

Task Forces and Joint Centers

  • " Increased number of JTTFs from 35 to 101
  • Established National JTTF with 40 member agencies
  • Established inter-agency National Counterterroism Center
  • Established inter-agency Terrorist Screening Center
  • Established inter-agency Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force
  • Established inter-agency Terrorist Explosive Device Analysis Center
  • Participating in state and regional intelligence fusion centers and other regional multi-agency intelligence centers
  • Established 6 Regional Computer Forensics Laboratories
  • Established National Gang Intelligence Center


  • Number of field offices with SCIFs and Secret-level Intelink capability increased from 30% to 100%
  • Co-located FBI and CIA counterterrorism divisions with NCTC at new state-of-the-art facility
  • Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information Operational Network (SCION)
  • FBI Automated Messaging System (FAMS) provides users with the capability to send and receive critical organizational message traffic to any of the 40,000+ addresses on the Defense Messaging System (DMS).
  • FBI Intelligence Information Reports Dissemination System (FIDS)
  • Law Enforcement Online (LEO) provides web-based communications to the law enforcement community
      • 50,000 users with secure connections
      • National Alert System can reach over 20,000 members in five minutes
      • 240 Special Interest Groups
  • Law Enforcement National Data Exchange (N-DEx) Regional Data Exchange (R-Dex) and will provide a nationwide capability to exchange data derived from incident and event reports


  • FBI's Information Sharing Policy Board (ISPB), develops and monitors procedures concerning substantive criminal and intelligence information sharing internally within the FBI and externally with partners
  • Intelligence Policy Manual sets basic standards for sharing of intelligence reports with foreign governments
  • New MOU with the CIA

Working with international partners in new ways

  • Working together on task forces and conducting joint operations
  • Expanded the number of Legal Attaché offices from 23 on 9/11 to more than 60 today.
  • Providing training and investigative support, including deployment of integrated teams of personnel, including agents, analysts, and crime scene experts, to assist in the investigation of terrorist attacks.