In response to today’s asymmetric threats from terrorists, cyber criminals, and foreign counterintelligence operations, the FBI elevated its intelligence program to a level on par with its investigative programs. The new intelligence program is defined by enhanced analytical capabilities, state of the art information technology, and an integrated intelligence structure at headquarters and in the field.

New approach

  • Patriot Act enables FBI to combine intelligence from multiple sources; removed barriers to timely sharing of information between counterterrorism and counterintelligence operations and criminal investigations.
  • Established FBI-wide “requirements” process for determining where we have gaps in our intelligence, targeting our information collection activities to fill those gaps, and producing and sharing intelligence.
  • Launched Domain Management Initiative to develop a comprehensive understanding of a territory’s threats and vulnerabilities so that managers can effectively deploy resources for greatest impact.

Intelligence Structure

  • Created Directorate of Intelligence; now part of National Security Branch
  • Established Field Intelligence Groups in all 56 field offices
  • Established Intelligence sections in each operational division at FBIHQ


  • Created Intelligence Career Service (ICS) of Intelligence Analysts, Language Analysts, and Physical Surveillance Specialists
    • Standardized Intelligence Analyst position with 3 work roles; expanded promotion potential in field to GS14
    • Established Intelligence Officer Certification
    • Established 24 critical pay positions for Senior Intelligence Officers
  • 1,713 ICS members trained through Analytical Cadre Education Strategy (ACES); 392 through new Cohort Program
  • Number of Intelligence Analysts increased from 1,023 on 9/11/01 to 2,161 today
  • Established a new intelligence career track for Special Agents
  • Changed evaluations and performance metrics for all Special Agents to place less emphasis on case-focused measures (arrests and indictments) and more emphasis on intelligence functions.

Fusion Centers

  • National Counterterrorism Center
  • National Gang Intelligence Center
  • Regional and state intelligence fusion centers

Intelligence Products

  • Director's Daily Report summarizes emerging intelligence and operational updates from each operational division
  • Number of Intelligence Information Reports increased from 0 pre 9/11 to 20,281 currently
  • Number of Intelligence Assessments increased from 0 pre 9/11 to 827 currently
  • Number of Intelligence Bulletins from increased 0 pre 9/11 to 399 currently

Enhanced Technology

  • Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information Operational Network (SCION)
  • SECRET level connectivity to the Intelligence and Homeland Security Communities (SIPERNET).
  • Investigative Data Warehouse (IDW) now provides users with a single access point to more than 47 data sources; “alert capability” automatically notifies users when a new document is uploaded that meets their search criteria.